Tomodachi Collection DS Details

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.04.2009 2

Tomodachi Collection DS Details on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Retailer Gamestar has revealed some of the features in Nintendo's Mii "Sims"-inspired game for Nintendo DS, Tomodachi Collection.

You start by creating an ickle Mii that lives on an island with other Miis. You interact with other folk, make enemies, friends and inevitably fall in love. Characters representing your family and friends can also be added to the island, with similar stats to match their personality. As icing on the cake you can import your existing creations over from the Wii.

As well as caring for your inhabitants, you'll also provide them with food, nourishment and entertainment - like TV broadcasts and card games.

Box art for Tomodachi Collection








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Sounds like a cool game.

I\'d love to know more about it and see some screenshots.

I\'m surprised that Nintendo hasn\'t released a Wii/WiiWare game like this

( Edited 28.04.2009 16:40 by Sonic_13 )

Hmmm... A Wii, Mii-Sims, type game. Sounds interesting. Love some screenies.

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