Nintendo Fans Get Ready for Some DS Rhythm

By Adam Riley 28.04.2009

Nintendo Fans Get Ready for Some DS Rhythm on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With sales in Japan of over 1.6 million since it launched on the Nintendo DS, the crazy and catchy beat of Rhythm Paradise is set to hit the UK on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi on 1st May, 2009.

It is light-hearted, easy to learn and challenging to master as you tap, flick and slide the stylus in time with the rhythm of a catchy tune. The action is full on fun with dynamic graphics and mesmerising music as you try to keep the beat with dancing monkeys, karate chopping men and burping Easter Island statues. You will pick up simple to follow tutorials and then as you play the rhythm challenges get more complex. If you do well, you unlock new songs to master, or additional mini-games to play. All the songs have been composed by famous Japanese producer "Tsunku" which makes them toe-tappingly irresistible!

Rhythm Paradise offers more than 50 rhythm based mini-games and rhythm toys - you can even enjoy virtual guitar lessons and play DJ on a selection of sound samples. There is space for up to three different sets of data on your Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi, so you can share your fun with different family members or friends.

Rhythm Paradise launches in the UK on May 1st. Until then, check out Cubed3's review:

  • Review: Rhythm Paradise
  • Box art for Rhythm Paradise








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