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By Jorge Ba-oh 29.04.2009 3

RE: Darkside Chronicles, New Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Capcom have released new footage from the latest Wii Resident Evil 1st person spin-off, The Darkside Chronicles.

The on-rails shooter setup makes a return to Nintendo's white box bringing back favourites Leon and Claire, as the pair blast through Raccoon City in search of sanctuary. According to IGN, the game is shaping up to have improved pace and more human qualities over its predecessor, and having solid graphic improvements.

What do you think of Darkside Chronicles - does th new Camera setup and change of pace work well?

Box art for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

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Despite the fact that this is a light gun shooter the camera effects and the events that occur make it look really interesting

Looks really awesome so far, looking forward to this Smilie

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It\'s beautiful. Such a shame it\'s a on rail shooter seeing how good thee game looks, it could have been a much more amazing experience with a resident evil 4 wii style of gameplay.

Nevertheless, i\'ll buy it when it comes out, i liked umbrella chronicles (even though i\'d have much preferred a RE4Wii style here again) and this one looks even better in its own genre.

EDIT : In another version of the same trailer, there were voice dubs for everything they said (here there seems to be some missing) but no subtitles. This version seems more awkward. I prefer this one :

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