BIT.TRIP BEAT Finally Headed to Europe

By Joshua Callum Jeffery 29.04.2009 2

BIT.TRIP BEAT Finally Headed to Europe on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Some fans had been wondering where it was, but according to Gaijin Games, the first BIT.TRIP title called BIT.TRIP BEAT will be released on European Wiiware this Friday.

Sorry for the long wait, European gamers! Start loadin' up those Wii Points and get ready for some BIT.TRIP BEAT insanity!

Is anyone looking forward to downloading this unique title when it's released this Friday? BIT.TRIP BEAT is priced at a mere 600 Nintendo Points.

Box art for Bit.Trip Beat








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Glad it's finally coming to Europe, I've been waiting a while for this and at 600 points it seems like a good deal. I may get this on Friday.

Hell yeah, been on my Most Wanted list for a while Smilie

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