Virtua Tennis 2009 Wii Developer Diary, Screens

By Mike Mason 30.04.2009 1

Virtua Tennis 2009 Wii Developer Diary, Screens on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With the release of the Motion Plus-enabled Virtua Tennis 2009 mere weeks away, SEGA have released a batch of screenshots for the Wii version. They're viewable below in our screens album, so take a peek.

In addition, developers Sumo Digital have recorded a short video diary talking about the Wii version, including challenges they experienced during development.

YouTube direct link.

C3 should be going hands-on with the game soon. How do you think Virtua Tennis 2009 is shaping up on Wii?

Box art for Virtua Tennis 2009

Sumo Digital







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Not impressed really . Screens look pretty grainy, video less so. Does look smooth in motion but still could certainly be a lot better (in terms of detail and design).

( Edited 30.04.2009 21:35 by jb )

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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