Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Coming to the US and Europe

By Shane Jury 19.05.2009 26

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Coming to the US and Europe on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

US Mag Nintendo Power has revealed that Capcom Crossover Tatsunoko vs Capcom will be getting a release overseas.

Previously stated by Capcom to be one of the more difficult properties to release outside of Japan due to Tatsunoko Licensing issues, they have nonetheless managed it. One of Capcom's surprise titles for E3 perhaps?

Click here to see a scan of the article.

At the moment only a US release has been confirmed, although if Capcom can sort trademark issues in the states, it shouldn't be too hard for Europe. Plus, it'll be even easier to import now.


More details from the scan have emerged, and it seems that the game will have a slight name addition; to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.
Of infinitely more interest however, is that the game will be available in US shops before the end of the year, and that New Characters and the possibility of Online play may be included.

The fans and marketing/sales teams outside of Japan showed a great interest in [Tatsunoko vs. Capcom] and contacted us to find out more about the game. Such an enthusiastic reaction convinced us that the game could succeed even overseas as a new [entry in the] Vs. series. We listened to feedback from our fans and marketing/sales teams in other territories in order to implement new features to the game this time around. I am very happy to announce that this title is coming to North America for those fans who have long waited for this to be made... and were disappointed last time by its unavailability overseas.
- Producer Ryota Niitsuma

Update 2

Even better news for fans is that Tatsunoko vs Capcom seems to now be a worldwide release. On Capcom's European Forum Boards, an admin had the following to say;

Yes, it's coming to Europe. That's all I can say for the moment.

Not an official confirmation, but good as.

Box art for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars








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Will get for Viewtiful Joe alone. Would be awesome though if they could do for this what they did for We Love Golf. Smilie

Yes please!

some hope for us in the EU Smilie

Now all we need is comformation of an EU release. This is one of the games I really want to get for the Wii.

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Awesome news! Me reckons there'll prob be different character sets for different regions perhaps?

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer
Our member of the week


Phoenixus said:
although if Capcom can sort trademark issues in the states, it shouldn't be too hard for Europe.

No that's not the case. The situation here in Europe is even more complicated than in USA. Each country has the rights distributed between several different companies. In USA you don't have this kind of chage from one state to the other.

Plus, so far, Capcom has not spoken even once of trying his best to bring it in Europe. It's always been about the USA. So nothing's sure about Europe yet.

Well I'll believe it when i see it anyway. In the meantime that's great news for NA gamers. Now do it justice and help it sell more so we can get another episode, or maybe Marvel vs Capcom 3 with Tatsunoko's engine ^^.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Looks better than Street Fighter 4!

Will get just for Joe. Importing from the States.

It's excellent news, I wonder why Capcom were so adamant on releasing it? They could have just left it be...

Respect for Capcom +1

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery


I went ahead and imported it a while back, but this is still awesome. I hope they add some new features or characters so I can have an excuse to buy it again. But, as long as Yatterman and Casshern make it over, I'll be good on the Tatsunoko side.

I actually like this better than SF4, to be perfectly honest. It's much looser and faster-paced. Still, it's awesome any way you look at it, and some of the minigames are pretty fun.

Wii is having a good 2009.

Echoes *likes* this

New Characters and the possibility of Online play may be included.

Image for


!!!!! T-T

May be included? Why do they have to say stuff like that... Ugh we're going to end up with the same game aren't we..?

But it would give them a reason to release an international version in Japan! THEY LOVE THOSE! Smilie

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

*sigh* If only Jump Ultimate Stars got the same amount of effort put into localisation outside Japan. Oh well. I don't really know any of the characters in this, so I'm not particularly bothered about it. Sounds great for those who are though. Smilie

With Soulcalibur blowing two games on Wii, this may be the first decent fighter for Wii.
Come on, Viewtiful Joe is among the fighters!
And half of the Streetfighter-gang.

I am interested. Please sort legal issues out to release it in Europe!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

YES! I have been wanting to play this for so long.

Probably new characters to replace some of the ones that may have to be taken out due to licensing - in any case that's great news! Can't wait to for a PAL confirmation, c'mon Capcom!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Awesome news Smilie
I've always liked the look of this game so I will most likely be importing this when it comes out in the US.

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Y\'know... every time I\'m about to start saving up for a PS3, somebody announces some awesome new Wii game that I HAVE to get. Usually more than one at a time. At least the good news is, by the time I actually have enough money that I haven\'t spent on Wii games, the PS3\'s price will finally have dropped to an affordable range.

Wait a minute... if people buy this, maybe Super Robot Wars and Jump Superstars might finally come out overseas!!!! EVERYBODY BUY, PLEASE!!!!!!!

( Edited 18.05.2009 23:12 by gatotsu911 )

Phoenixus said:
Image for

Yes I like that alot, but on the Tatsunoko side I want

the only cats I like besides the Thunder CatsSmilie

Another simply wonderful bit of news!

Oyes! No need to dust off your Homebrew at all!

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

If a end-of-year (or thereabouts) date is penned in for the US, chances are Europe won't get this until early next year. Smilie

Ah well, still lots of good stuff left till Chrimbo. Smilie

Awesome stuff with the Euro confirmation! SmilieSmilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

SuperLink said:
Another simply wonderful bit of news!

Oyes! No need to dust off your Homebrew at all!

After I went through all the trouble of installing it :-( .. Still AWESOME news Smilie!

~Getting on C3's massive tits since 2K5.~

I really wish I was earning money now, there seems to be alot of great games coming out this year (and early next year) for the Wii alone. And this is most definately one of the games I want to get.

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