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By James Temperton 26.09.2003 1

Killer 7
Its espionage that will make your skin crawl...

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First announced as part of the Capcom 5 we have been teased and confused by the eye-catching Killer 7 for months now. It was a wonderful looking game, with quite marvellous cel-shading and a good old splashing of blood we know what it looks like, but how it will play nobody knows...until now!

Created by none other than Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil fame), Killer 7 will take the form of an disturbingly violent action detective title following the relationship of two friends who now become bitter enemies. Harman Smith and Kun 'God Hands' Lan. The plot is quite interesting too. It all takes place some time in the future, where the world's developed nations are falling under the rising dominance of terrorism and a rising wave of violence.

Those of you that have seen the wonderfully odd film 28 Days Later will know the basic idea. In that film a virus known as Rage infects the population of Britain and makes people turn into terrifyingly violent killing machines who rip you from limb to limb given half the chance. In Killer 7 individuals infected with the 'Heaven's Smile' virus become hugely violent turning against anyone in close proximity. They become powerful enough to overturn cities and even political regimes.

However, things get personal when Harman Smith's bit on the side (wife) gets killed by the infected 'beasts'. With this massive loss he sets out to find the person responsible for it all - Kun Lan.

Now here is the clever bit so pay attention. You control the 65-year-old assassin, Harman who has the odd ability to switch and move between seven various personalities, hence the name Killer 7. Now doesn

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