Nintendo Trademarks Art Academy, Wii Fit Plus

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.05.2009 2

Nintendo Trademarks Art Academy, Wii Fit Plus on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has trademarked a pair of games, and a logo, for the inevitable Wii Fit Plus sequel and a new one: Art Academy.

The listings are one the Japanese trademark website, both in English and likely to come about during next week's E3 expo/conference. Wii Fit Plus would be the strongly hinted at, and near-enough confirmed, sequel/add-on to the original success and Art Academy could be a Mario Paint sequel or perhaps something for the DSiWare service.

Thanks to Siliconera.

Box art for Wii Fit








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DLC and a cheap price tag would be appropiate for wii fit plus.
Knowing nintendo its going to be a SKU in the shops priced £30. Putting together a workout program should be included and no more fucking peripherals. Green peace must be seeing red with the amount of fucking plastic nintendo wants to eat through this generation.

Surprising games like this feature in E3. Send it out to the times, the guardian, grazia and so on. Then you have nailed the target audience far more effectively. Just a hint of this will make some go into a rage (not me)People who check out the E3 expo is it really weight concious women?

DLC and more fitness-based goodies would definitely be welcome - different backgrounds, interesting work-out schemes. Hoping Nintendo will really put a lot of effort into this sequel, instead of just cashing in on what's like their new "Mario".

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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