EU Nintendo Download: Fishing, Space Harrier, Art Style

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.05.2009 1

EU Nintendo Download: Fishing, Space Harrier, Art Style on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

This week's Nintendo download update in the UK includes fishing action, launching into space and a new Art Style game.

  • Fish'em All! (WiiWare, Abylight, 800 Wii Points) - fishing game with two old fishermen who have found a fishing spot with strange creatures. 9 missions and 3 game modes - "Hold on tight to your controller and fish 'em all!"
  • Space Harrier (Arcade, SEGA, 800 Wii Points) - original arcade version comes to Wii - take control of a chap who can fly or run, equipped with a deadly laser canon under his arm. Take down hordes of creatures and robots as the space armies seek blood.
  • Art Style: Nemrem (Nintendo, 500 DSi Points) - Logic puzzle where you're matching coloured panels to spheres of the same colour by using a stylus to shift these panels horizontally or vertically.

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    The fishing game looks ok.

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