Gaming Music Streaming Service coming to Japan Wiiware

By Shane Jury 30.05.2009 3

Gaming Music Streaming Service coming to Japan Wiiware on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Previously Sony-Focused Developer Gust will be releasing a Streaming Videogame-Music Application for WiiWare in Japan.

Game Sound Station will cost 1000 Nintendo points, and is due out next Tuesday in Japan. The pricing system for the application is rather awkward;

1 day pass = 300 Nintendo Points
3 day pass = 500 Nintendo Points
Unlimited streaming = 1,000 Nintendo Points

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No word on which tracks will be available to stream, but to begin with there is a choice of 2 soundtracks for a total of 22 songs. Listeners can purchase tickets to stream more music in the future. Take a look around the official site for Game Sound Station here.

There is little chance of this particular one making it out of Japan, but would you be interested in a European or US equivalent?

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Seemed kind of cool till you see the pricing. That's just gay... Hopefully if you spend the 1000 points for the app then that's all you'll ever have to pay.

Watch this become a monthly subscription service of some sort. Smilie

Why would you pay for a 1 or 3 day pass?

^^Click for a wallpaper version^^

Guess to try it.
I wonder how much any of the actual muscians/compossers of the game music gets.

Meanwhile, with a DS homebrew, you can stream music to the DS, for free, from OCRemix etc.

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