Industry | Nintendo launches $50 Million advertising campaig

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.09.2003 1

Nintendo's Advertising Campaign.
"Who are you?"

Nintendo of America announced yesterday a new $50 million marketing scheme taking place throughout 2003 to promote both the GameCube and Gameboy Advance as well as their upcoming franchises, games for both systems and events across the States.

The new campaign, developed in conjunction with Leo Burnett, will be used to display promotional material across America in cinema/theatres, print based advertising in gaming magazines, billboards in major states, television, banners as well as other media schemes and will be part of the $100 million marketing push through the end of the year.

Avertising Methods

  • Promotional videos and prepared advertising in Cinemas/Theatres during trailer/advertising before featured productions.
  • Basic advertising in major gaming magazines, Electronic Gaming Monthly being a reputable choice.
  • 30ft Billboards along roadsides and within public transport stations.
  • Short television adverts promoting exclusive Nintendo games and hardware.
  • Banners in major electronic chain stores across the country.

    According to the company, the cinema advert represents one of the largest marketing methods to date. The 60 second advert pays homage to Nintendo’s heritage and history in the gaming industry, featuring more than 500 extras and the stunt co-ordinator from reputable film, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and editor of Amelie. The advert shall run on approximately 10,000 screens in Cinemas across the US beginning October 30 2003. Furthermore, it will be shown prior to acclaimed upcoming films such as the 3rd Matrix Film, Revolutions and The Cat in the Hat. Along side this, smaller versions of the clip shall be shown as television adverts in October.

    Whilst the company’s portable console has excelled in market sales, their home console, GameCube, has not done as well as expected in the west. However, with an increase focus on marketing and promoting both projects in conjunction with one another, Nintendo has time to prepare for an end of 2003 finale.

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