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By Mike Mason 07.06.2009 4

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5th Cell's DS title Scribblenauts was announced a few months ago with a promising, not to mention ambitious, tag line: "Write anything, solve everything." Scribblenauts revolves around players trying to collect stars (starites) by using words to solve puzzles. Type in whatever noun you like and the game will generate an object for you to use in the solution; so if you have a high starite to collect, you could create a ladder or spaceship to get up to it, or a boomerang to knock it down. Plus, you can generate multiple objects at a time and use them together. As well as puzzles, there's also a free play mode where you can do whatever you want.

5th Cell have promised thousands of words - just about everything you could imagine - to be in the game. While some may have met this with cynicism, after its E3 showing anybody in doubt may have to start preparing to eat their words. Many who have put the game through its paces seem to be reporting it as showing just about anything that they want, and it seems that, rather than limiting themselves to purely standard words, 5th Cell have also implemented things such as a limited assortment of Internet memes, celebrities and mythological creatures. Then, if you don't mind a bit of excited swearing, there's the tale doing the rounds of being able to defeat a horde of robot-zombies by going back to the prehistoric ages with the aid of a time machine, jumping on a dinosaur and returning to destroy the enemies...

Sadly, there's no video of that one just yet, but here are a couple of videos from the showfloor. We're scrambling around trying to get you some more media of the game, but until then, enjoy.

GameTrailers' developer walkthrough:

Nintendorks have a go - and make God fight a Kraken.

Are you excited by the concept and progression of Scribblenauts?

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Guest 07.06.2009#1


That sounds great, god kicking krakens ass. I'm going to play this game with a dictionary and see how it goes. I wonder if you can type 'Christian' and 'Muslim' and have them do a little holy war. Probably not. Maybe god, allah, vishnu and zeus could battle it out?

Wow, never been excited about a spelling game. sounds like it good be fun.

When all is bad don't look for a easy way out. Because you wont know what to do once your out

Wow, this looks fantastic! I wonder what sort of puzzles will be thrown at you to solve with this game mechanic?

The idea is great, but I wasn't too fond of how the first game turned out - seemed a little slow and repetitive. This is looking a lot more developed, but still has this strange look to it that I'm not so fond of really.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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