Balance Board For Next Dance Dance Revolution

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.06.2009 2

Balance Board For Next Dance Dance Revolution on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Last week Konami confirmed a new multi-platform DanceDanceRevolution game, with the Wii edition balance-board compatible.

This time round players can take advantage of the Wii balance board in an optional calorie-crunching Workout mode, a dance school as well as some exclusive items to use in the game itself. Tracks include up to 30 licensed tunes - Disturbia (Rihanna), Closer (Ne-Yo), One Step At A Time (Jordin Sparks), My Prerogative (Bobby Brown), Pocketful of Sunshine (Natasha Bedingfield) and 20 Bermani originals.

Will you be working out with the latest DanceDanceRevolution game from Konami?

Box art for Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 4








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I want to see what new things they have this time around in the third Wii DDR. I bought the first one, but didn't buy the second because I didn't see the point.

I don't think you can jump on the Balance Board.

DDR needs jumping.

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