Debut Footage from Tecmo's Earth-Based RPG, Nostalgia

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.06.2009 2

Debut Footage from Tecmo

Debut Footage from Tecmo's DS-exclusive RPG Nostalgia has flown onto the net.

Take to the skies in an alternate-reality 19th-century Earth as a Londoner known as Eddie who travels the world in a huge zeppelin. It's being brought together by Matrix Software (Final Fantasy IV DS, Dragon Quest V) and Red Entertainment (Gungrave, Bonk, Thousand Arms), headed by Fatal Frame producer Keisuke Kikuchi.

Ignition are set to publish the game later this year.

For more information, be sure to check out the official Nostalgia website.

Box art for Nostalgia
Also known as

Nostalgeo no Kaze






Turn Based RPG



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cant wait for this love a good airship fight lol

That's a very impressive trailer. Glad to see Ignition's taking this one seriously and not just slipping it onto the market. Matrix really does do a great job on DS - from what I've played of the Japanese version, I actually prefer this to Avalon Code.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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