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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson will be touring living rooms and getting children on their feet with a new game to promote his tour.

According to Gamezine, there'll be a new family game crammed with the star's back catalogue of hits to compliment the "This is it" Tour this July.

The game is bound for Nintendo's Wii, as well as versions for Sony's PlayStation 2 and 3.

Would you be interested in a Michael Jackson game? On a side note - will you be attending the "This is it" Tour?

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23.06.2009 15:39




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Reader comments - add yours today Comments on this Article

I'll be going to one of the shows early next year. Hopefully he hasn't collapsed of exhaustion or had his shows legally stopped by then. Smilie

Is the game just gonna be a SingStar/Lips type game?

I'm sure most people would prefer some sort of sequel to Moonwalker Smilie

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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson will be touring living rooms and getting children on their backs with a new game to promote his tour.

Fixed Smilie

Should be quite interesting, imagine learning to moonwalk on the balance board or something Smilie

It would be pretty funny to see Moonwalker on the Virtual Console.

^^Click for a wallpaper version^^

This game could be quite a ThrillerSmilie

Should just collaborate with Harmonix and do Rock Band: Michael Jackson. Smilie Or do a Moonwalker sequel...

Let's hope it's not Bad either way.

you guys should be banned from posting for a month due to the AWFUL Michael Jackson gags!...Echoes...lmao @ the edit of the story

You all can just Beat It with these lame ass Jacko jokes. Seriously cut it out before you make me Scream!

I heard this game is for boys 12 and under. Smilie

hey yo Paul

Its Em

I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing, and I know that he's not thrilled about the video.

What does he want to be starting something?

yeeeeaaaah well i'll show him who's really bad (burps)

Paul, the way you make me feel with these calls you should really take a look at the man in the mirror and tell him to beat it because i won't stop til I get enough

Do you remember that time we were watching the Billie Jean video

Well he'll always be that Michael to me and it doesnt matter if he's black or white because i can't stop loving him and i hate plastic surgeons and i hope they all fucking dieeeee.

how do you like that?

man i like him...

i like him a lot...

i want to touch him...

but i can't...

llluuuuoooowwwwwuuuww (noises)

excuse me. im taking a shit. sorry.

anyways call me back because i have this idea about how i want to end the show...

so hit me when you get this messege.... fuuucker

oh and by the way, no, i dont have a new gun...

(gun cocks) god damn it.


Back onto the game .. I think hes the greatest singer who ever lived .. But on the moonwalker theme .. god no lol itll probably just be like singstar.

I reckon that it should be DLC for either Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

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I think my friend Ben might like this.

I think I\'d personally get bored of it. Plus. my pockets have been hit by a Smooth Criminal

( Edited 24.06.2009 20:39 by Stulaw )

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and who would have thought that he would be dead by today then?

do you think theyll still release the game despite his death=

Well, on one hand, it'll sell like crazy due to his death, but on the other, it's a bit soon.

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NNID: Stulaw

R.I.P Michael Jackson.
Now lets get back to those awful, awful puns.

On a side note - will you be attending the "This is it" Tour?

Not anymore.Smilie

I will remember you MJ the next time I'm grabbing my crotch.

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