Nintendo Power on No More Heroes, Fragile

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.06.2009 3

Nintendo Power on No More Heroes, Fragile on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The latest issue of Nintendo Power had a few new nuggets of information on Wii games, No More Heroes 2 and Fragile.

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle

  • Shinobu, from the original No More Heroes, will return as a playable character this time round. She moves faster and can jump about - but only playable at certain sections.
  • Suda 51, the mastermind behind the game, hopes to have around 50 boss battles in the game. "…we didn't just want you to be fighting them as the same character again and again. By allowing the player to use a different character we can change up the tempo and offer more surprises."
  • Travis hopes to avenge the death of a character in the first game.


  • Like Metroid Prime you'll be investigating items in the environment to unlock clues about where you are, and the lives of its previous inhabitants. For example, a phone with a recorded message begging the finder not to forget her. Unfortunately the phone ran out of memory before you find out her name.
  • Unfortunately players will need to discard essential items to carry about these environmental clues - with an inventory case much like Resident Evil.

    Thanks to Destructoid and GoNintendo.

  • Box art for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    Grasshopper Manufacture


    Rising Star





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    Shinobu was one of the most popular characters in the first one. So I can see why they're giving her the spotlight. Interesting...

    And Fragile looks like a very unique game. Very artsy.

    cant wait to get them both of them ^^

    two of my must get wii list

    ( Edited 29.06.2009 20:32 by Jump_button )

    Jump_button said:
    cant wait to get them both of them ^^

    two of my must get wii list

    Here exactly! I hope Suda 51 makes the time between the great boss battles a little more worthwhile and then we have a very stilish game with more value here then No More Heroes 1.

    I find your lack of faith disturbing!

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