Final Fantasy Gaiden Revealed for DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 02.07.2009 4

Final Fantasy Gaiden Revealed for DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Square Enix's mystery RPG for DS has been unveiled in the latest edition of Shonen Jump: Final Fantasy Gaiden: The Four Warriors of Light.

The game follows the story of a young 14-year old lad who sets off after being summoned by the King of the land whose daughter, the Princess, has been kidnapped (yes, kidnapped) by an evil witch. According to IGN, Gaiden follows the standard RPG setup: parties of four driven by folk you'll meet along the way, equipment changes and so-on.

One interesting change to tradition however is the lack of MP - instead there's a charge command alongside the regular movesets.

The characters, and artwork on the official teaser page, have been penned by Akihiko Yoshida - whose notable works include Final Fantasy Tactics and XII.

The game is due out this fall in Japan.

  • First Final Fantasy Gaiden scan
  • Thanks to gatotsu911 for the tip.

    Box art for Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light



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    Sounds weird.... Not liking the supreme chibi style either.

    Why can't we have an FFV remake instead? T-T Although I guess this series could evolve into something nice. A seperate series for "classic" style FF games, with the main numbered series evolving things? Who knows.

    I want FFXV to be set in the Crystal Chronicles world Smilie

    Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

    I'm guessing someone at Square Enix cottoned on to the fact that there have been enough remakes on DS for the time being, especially from S-E itself. FFIV didn't perform quite as well as expected because 1.) It was too hot on the heels of the FFIII remake, 2.) FFIV Advance had only been out a couple of years.

    FFV Advance and FFVI Advance, plus the fact that the original NES/SNES games are hitting the VC in Japan (FFIII NES edition hits this month), are stopping an FFV 3D remake. The DS probably still has a good year or two left in it. In fact, S-E may wait until later next year and make a DSi-specific FFV...

    The graphics from the scan don't look fantastic, but I'll wait to see it in motion as DQM: Joker initially didn't look too hot until the first vid hit.

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    I had a feeling they would be doing a side series as such soon for DS and/or PSP, dont really like the direction they went with though. Could of been more of a VI-IX style game, looks like it will be have weak story and characters. Not that interested, try again SE

    Well as long as it appears outside Japan i'll give this game a go.

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