Miyamoto: Next Zelda Not Radically Different

By Jorge Ba-oh 02.07.2009 31

Miyamoto: Next Zelda Not Radically Different on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Zelda founder and Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto recently talked new Wii entry, feeling that it might not be "radically different".

One of the aspects of the last home-console Zelda, Twilight Princess, that fans bring up time and time again is how the game felt a little too similar to its predecessors. Although the game was well put together, its structure and setup to most was Ocarina of Time with a sprinkle of fairy dust.

Miymaoto mentions in the most recent Nintendo Power how he feels that it won't be extremely different. Here's hoping a bit of both: that familiar Zelda magic and feel, but with a new story and location, perhaps?

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What do you think the Zelda series needs (or doesn't need) for the next home-console edition? Are you a fan of Twilight Princess - could it have been better without that age-old 3 emblems setup?

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To me this is bad news. I want something radically different when it comes to story and layout, gameplay not as much.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

New Zelda game not radically different?! Egads, has hell frozen over. Smilie

It was coming, Nintendo really don't have the balls to change up their franchises now as they are holding on to the hardcore audience by a thread.

Meh, alright. I'll get it anyways; the repetitiveness doesn't really get to me.

The former top user was Keven! You'd probably give birth to yourself 1000 times over until you sprout wings to fly away into the fading sun, that or you'd just turn into a lesbian. Who knows @_@ - L, 12/06/09

What happened to Twilight Princess being the last Zelda as we know it?

I'm going to be incredibly disappointed if the only 'new' thing is Motion Plus integration and some kind of sword that morphs into a living thing or...something. Zelda is pretty much the most stagnant of Nintendo's franchises right now on home consoles IMO, and it seriously needs a kick up the behind.

At this rate Majora's Mask will remain to be the only Zelda game capable of involving the player on an emotional level.

Miyamoto should just let Koizumi and Aonuma really shake things up. Y'know? That guy's hesitance to let anything evolve is kinda annoying.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Miyamoto should just shut the fuck up.

I think I'll save my comments for a blog or two at somepoint. His ideas and decisions have been bugging me for months now.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Oh no...I usually suck at Zelda games anywaySmilie

It is disappointing to be promised one thing and not having that promise be fulfilled.

Yikes though...Miyamoto\'s inability to change really is starting to wan on the Zelda fans and the Franchise. In fact, I might go as far to say that its stunting the growth of something that can really go far especially for the wii.

I hope he\'s not turning to an insane old man that tells you to get off of his lawn. And instead of shaking a cane he\'ll have a wii mote


EDIT: P.S. I agree with both Superlink and jb. Also jb, let me know when your blog is up. I look forward to reading it.

( Edited 02.07.2009 22:22 by Teetrab )

Diablo II
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I think Miyamoto isnt ready to change Zelda to a new look, maybe he doesnt know what the audiences reaction to it will be, maybe thats what he's afraid of. It's when Kojima put Raiden as the main character of the Big Shell chapter of MGS2, the fans reaction was not a good 1. He's just doesn't to make any changes to the franchise that would lose its appeal to fans.

Well he didn't really specify in what aspect so it's hard to feel too outraged. But it wouldn't be surprising if they stuck to the same location, the same formula, and so on. Though they really should.

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ Cubed3.com ] 

It needs to be radically different. I'll tell you now that I loved Twilight Princess -- one of my favorite games ever. But even those who enjoyed it can see the formula beginning to wear thin. Its fallen behind the genre it created, and needs serious renovations and changes to truly be the best of its class.

That said, I won't despair until I start to see a final product. Miyamoto might just be saying that he's not going to set the game in space...either way we won't know until we can see something.

What can be radically different though? The Motion plus add on would be gimmicky, we've already got 3D, people would still complain about it being the same if it was set in something futuristic, and quite a few of the fans would complain if that did happenSmilie

Personally, I like the sameness in each games as it gives off a retro feel to them, that it hasn't sold its self out to appeal to the casual type of gamer (I'm purposefully ignoring Crossbow training fyi). Technically though, they were correct when the said that the next Zelda would be radically different, Phantom Hourglass was radically different in its control scheme.

From my perspective though, I'd like to see something a bit, well LotR like, have some big epic battles against the forces of Ganondorf/Vaati/Tingle to get part of the Triforce or a Medallion. I always got the impression that something like that would happen in the trailers for TP, and it sort of did with the fight against the Moblin on horseback, but i'd like to see more of that personally.

That said, MM is and may always be my favourite due to the emotional attachments as well as the excellent plot and game set-up.

Apologies for the little rantSmilieSmilie

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Oh thank god, I was getting sick of all this change and innovation in the gaming industry

1"We're mentalist psychic Scots , which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh."

Doesn't need to mix up the mechanics/control as much - and the basic stuff like hearts, magic and swordplay - however I think it's the setting and Hyrule that need a kick up the bum - none of this fire, water, forest thing we've seen in WW and Twilight.

Nintendo are great at creating new characters - Ocarina had loads, Majora had a few new ones and remixed roles of the rehashed folk. Link needs friendships, proper companions he'll do quests for, earn their trust.

Script, characters, the "enemy" (please no Ganon) and the setting need to be rethought imo - it's way to predictable how it is at the moment.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

What can be radically different though? The Motion plus add on would be gimmicky

First of all, Motion Plus has been confirmed for the series. Miyamoto said its even required. Second of all, why do you assume it would be gimmicky? I think it could be the best thing for the series in years...1 to 1 sword fights with more accurate motion recognition? Yes please.

I think the biggest changes we all want are:

1) A more alive overworld. The Hyrule overworld was dead. Just big open space with nothing to do but bug hunting and pointless riding. How about some farms? Or some little villages? How about some actual human beings? I think the most radical change is to transform Zelda's overworld into a real place, not just empty ground that you cover between temples.

2) A better economy. Jobs, mercenary work etc. Its just weird that the best way to get cash is to run around slashing grass for awhile.

Considering Nintendo's staunch resistance to change with their IPs, these would be pretty radical changes for them.

MTV have a energy drink called Pussy I saw it today....

Just make the game Miyamoto or the it to the Galaxy team to work their magic into it.

Basically, you would have a Legend of Zelda/Fable then?

Yeah, I knew that the Motion Plus is to used with it, I meant gimmiky in the sense that, it's something that could quite easily been with it in the first place, with it being added now, it's no more than an add on that adds a new way to play? I for one, do look forward to 1:1 sword fighting (and decent lightsaber fightingSmilie)

Good point on the more populated overworld though, a blend of Adventure's overworld would be nice, rather than the scattered areas in previous games, they seem to pull that sort of thing off in Fallout, an odd comparison, but an apt one I think.

I don't think those ideas are that radical though, they've been present in previous games, so all Nintendo need to do is blend them all together.Smilie

Brawl Code 4983-6387-2983
Diamond Code 0387 8628 7636

Oh come on, at least just change the progression layout of the game. Finding 3 gems, then some other item in the 2nd half is getting really repetitive. Also please begone with the elemental temples (aka Fire, Water, Earth) and experiment a bit. I mean Retro did a very good job of keeping the terrain varied through the Prime trilogy. Lastly, please stop rehashing the stories. It doesn't need to be really deep or anything, just a tad different. I mean TP started out good story-wise, then they threw in Ganondorf for no reason and rehashed the entire end sequence.

Ah double posting, but...

Apparently he was talking about the art style being similar.

I liked TP, but i think the repetativness needs to come to an end.

if i had any advice for miyamoto when it comes to zelda, i would say make the AI more of a challenge, change up the worlds and dungeons and make the boss battles more epic and tougher. (hitting the boss with the newest item that you got in the same dungeon is getting old.)

creating unique and challenging worlds is the most important way to keep hardcore fans interested. that is how franchises like mario and rayman (platforms) keep there fan support.

Mario, Mega Man and Rayman FTW!!!

I think they once said that Twilight Princess was going to be the last 'classic' Zelda, and that it would be a lot different from then on.

I think he's referring to that. The next Zelda won't be a FPS, a RTS or some kind of waggle-mini-game collection. It will be a regular Zelda.

Which doesn't mean it can't revolutionize.

As I've said before, I'm not so bothered about the gameplay, MotionPlus could shake things up enough there too, but Zelda's look just SCREAMS epic, so why isn't it? Because the story telling is weak, predictable and repetetive.

Phantom Hourglass' "big bad guy" was just pathetically bad, the story was awful. I don't care if the gameplay was fun, the horribly non-existent story and lack of music made the game a chore to go through (and people say these things don't affect gameplay). The last good bad guy to be in a Zelda game was Vaati, and before that Onox and Veran (Capcom back on Zelda maybe?)

As for the art style, I'm disappointed that it's the same as TP's. If this is in a different era, then it's just stupid that Link looks exactly the same (same with Spirit Tracks....)

Anyone else miss the Young Link designs from Oracle, OoT and LttP?

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

feeling that it might not be "radically different"
not "radically different"
not different

ohm said:
Ah double posting, but...

Apparently he was talking about the art style being similar.

Wow, I think this entire story and subsequent thread just got massively owned.

I was very relieved to read that, though.

( Edited 03.07.2009 18:38 by gatotsu911 )

Birdo Is A Tranny said:
feeling that it might not be "radically different"
not "radically different"
not different

That's pretty much how I read it too.

gatotsu911 said:
Wow, I think this entire story and subsequent thread just got massively owned.
I was very relieved to read that, though.

He may have been talking about the art style (doesn't take much to see it's "not radically different/exactly the same") but assuming that without doubt is jumping to conclusions.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Don't be so literal. Look at the Galaxy, it has the same formula Mario 64 has. But it is amazing and incredibly fresh.

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