Sega Sets a Date for Infinite Space in Europe

By Jorge Ba-oh 03.07.2009 1

Sega Sets a Date for Infinite Space in Europe on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Sega has set a European release date for the space shooter/RPG from Platinum Games, Infinite Space. The DS-exclusive effort from the creators of Wii's Madworld and the upcoming 360/PS3 title Bayonetta will be appearing in the US and Europe with an ominous release window of spring 2010.

In Infinite Space you can design and pilot a space ship with over 150 different designs and over 150 possible crewmembers, explore two huge galaxies and take part in several intergalactic battles and hunt down fellow fleets.

To complement the announcement, a new trailer for the DS game:

Box art for Infinite Space

Nude Maker




Turn Based RPG



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I have to say I'm still ambivalent about whether they can meet the lofty production goals they've set for themselves with this game, particularly seeing as Platinum Games is not exactly known for deep, well-paced, thought-provoking titles. (Not to diss their excellent work, but it's true.)

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