Dead Space: Extraction Developer Diary

By Jorge Ba-oh 04.07.2009 4

Dead Space: Extraction Developer Diary on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

EA's Steve Papoutsis recently sat down and discussed the Wii-specific mechanics and control schemes in Dead Space: Extraction.

You'll be blasting away at devious space-creatures with the Wii-remote or zapper, and solving some nifty new on-screen puzzlers by using the pointer and the help of a friend and an extra Wii remote.

Thanks to Joystiq.

What do you think of EA's Dead Space: Extraction?

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Guest 04.07.2009#1

Arew 12 yueard oldds rea;lly dumb enough to not pass the age check>?

fukcing bullshit.

Yeah! Dead Space! My friends loved that game on the 360. It was a little too scary for me. I loved the movie animation. Hopefully this will mean more movies!

Diablo II
"I'll make weapons from your bones!" - The Smith Paladin: I will cleanse this wilderness. Deckard Cain: Stay a while and listen!

This game is going to be so coolSmilieSmilieSmilieSmilie

Looking better - characters still a bit pants, but environments and animation coming along nicely. Control wise, some interesting ideas - hopefully won't be too flakey in deciding which action to pull off.

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