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Punch Out Download, Mario Hat and Calander for Club Nintendo

Punch Out Download, Mario Hat and Calander for Club Nintendo on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo of America has announced the rewards for Club Nintendo members that have reached "Elite" status on the system.

Those who earn a certain amount of coins become eligible for Platinum and Gold membership levels, and in turn can redeem exclusive rewards. It's worked very well over in Japan, with members receiving limited edition games and hardware - so what will American Nintendo fans receive?

Those who enter gold status can request a 2010 calendar, with the platinum folk choosing from either a downloadable title - Doc Louis's Punch Out!! or a swanky Mario replica hat.

Image for Punch Out Download, Mario Hat and Calander for Club Nintendo
Image for Punch Out Download, Mario Hat and Calander for Club Nintendo

Thanks to Kotaku.

What do you think of the rewards? Fair, not fair? What sort of goodies would you like to see available for your hard earned points/coins?

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14.07.2009 15:19



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Reader comments - add yours today Comments on this Article

I think they are a bit skimp.

Although I will cherish beating the bloody chocolate crisps out of that tub o' crap, anyone in the hacking community probably could get this distributed.

The hat is dumb, bogus, and easily knocked off.

I can buy my own damn calendar for 2010 for two quid.

Pathetic first try, but the most "valuable" item is Doc Louis.

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Meh, better than the nothing we were getting before.

C3 Moderator

I ordered the hat.
It's joining my collection of odd headwear I own x]

Our member of the week

WTF? The US now have \'gold\' and \'platinum\' gifts?!?!

C\'mon NoE, stop with the overpriced gifts. I\'m guessing that if NoE did something like this, you would need 60,000 stars before getting platinum status. Even then you\'d only get a keyring. Smilie

( Edited 14.07.2009 17:57 by wAyNe - sTaRT )

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

I think the hat looks great! Smilie

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

I got Gold status.Smilie

It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

It's worst here in Mexico since we DON'T have a Club Nintendo... and I have enough to achieve double platinum status on day one.

I would choose the game since when was the last time you could brag you own an exclusive Wiiware game that only a few have a chance to own?

If people go for the hat and wear it in public they deserve to get mocked.

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

I got the calendar and atleast it is something. According to the website, I will get it by November 1st 2009. booooo!

I would wear the hat if I didn\'t have a habit of selling these types of things on eBay.

( Edited 14.07.2009 20:32 by Robertd1138 )

Wait, so is Doc Louis a Wii DLC, or a PC title?

Makes me wonder how hard it would be to make a Mario hat yourself. One that doesn't look like a stuffed animal.

gatotsu911 said:
Wait, so is Doc Louis a Wii DLC, or a PC title?
Wiiware DLC (Club nintendo EXCLUSIVE)

Our member of the week

Is it actual DLC or is he already in the game and it just unlocks him?

( Edited 14.07.2009 21:39 by wAyNe - sTaRT )

wAyNe - sTaRT said:
Is it actual DLC or is he already in the game and it just unlocks him?

It's actually something more akin to a mini bonus WiiWare game. It states underneath the item that you don't need the actual Punch-Out!! game to use it. Though everybody should buy it anyway.

Dang it!

I have lots of potential points waiting for me, but I forgot to do the required surveys before the June 30th deadline to get my points.


Jacob4000 said:
Meh, better than the nothing we were getting before.

I second that... With my Platinum Status, I don't know what to get...

Will Platinum members be able to redeem gold rewards along with platinum rewards, or instead of them? And does your status roll over to the next year, or do you have to re-earn it again for the rewards?

I'll have a better signature here eventually.
michael (guest) 01.11.2009 22:15#18


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