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Factor 5 Making Mulitple Wii Games

Factor 5 Making Mulitple Wii Games on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Factor 5 is working away on multiple unannounced titles for Wii, according to Factor 5 GmbH's CEO Achim Moller.

Although the San Rafael-based Factor 5 Inc has closed its doors, it hasn't stopped the Germany-based Factor 5 from continuing developing. Moller had previously stated that the studio will be working with "close friends", and it looks as if one of them is Nintendo-related.

His LinkedIn profile has been updated slightly, stating that "multiple unannounced" Wii games are in progress to be shown or released this year.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything.

What do you think Factor 5 have in the pipeline? Would you like to see past franchises resurrected for the Wii?

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CRIMINALS!!! Give your ex-employees the money they earned.

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^^Click for a wallpaper version^^

Kid Ikarus and Rogue Squadron and maybe even a whole NEW RPG game!

Those would be like....epic!

OMG! w00t! Please tell me that Rogue Squadron Wii game is still on the way! *gets on knees and prays* Let it be EPIC!

They should definitely dev Pilotwings and StarFox for Wii, but Kid Icarus should stay with Ninty's dev teams, imo. Smilie

Chance favors the prepared mind.

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