Suda51: More Sumio Mondo, Silver Case 'Up in the Air'

By Adam Riley 15.07.2009 2

Suda51: More Sumio Mondo, Silver Case

Goichi Suda recently spoke about his latest DS release, Flower, Sun and Rain, stating its main character will return, but the prequel may not. Speaking in an interview with Cubed3 that will be posted here in the coming days, Suda-san was asked about whether or not he would like to return to making adventure games such as FSR (which launched in the US last month). His response was mixed, showing interest in doing do, but just not yet. However, he did reveal that Sumio Mondo would indeed be likely to make a future appearance.

If there is a chance, of course, I would like to make adventure games, but I have no plan right now. However, I am interested in making a new Mondo-related story for new hardware.

As for whether or not The Silver Case will finally be released on the Nintendo DS, or if some of his older games like Moonlight Syndrome will eventually make a re-appearance, this is what he had to say on the matter:

The DS version of "Silver Case" is still up in the air. Actually the game has already been completely ported to the DS, but I have decided that the game itself is very old. Therefore, it is certainly necessary to remake it properly to fit in with the current generation of gamers. So, for now the game has not been released.

As for the "Moonlight Syndrome" IP, unfortunately it doesn't belong to Grasshopper, meaning we cannot do anything for that right now.

The full interview will be posted on Cubed3 in the next few days. Cubed3's review of Flower, Sun and Rain can be found here.

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Suda-san has been a right cagey bastard of late... what has he up his luchador mask?

( Edited 15.07.2009 15:31 by satsubatsu347 )

So when is this interview going to be posted? What's the holdup?

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