Worms Explodes onto Nintendo's WiiWare

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.07.2009 5

Worms Explodes onto Nintendo

Both the Wii and PSP are getting an all-digital version of Worms, and possibly DSi as well.

Spong recently spoke to British developer Team 17 on all their wormly antics, and the studio has since confirmed recently rumblings that a version of Worms is being crafted for WiiWare, as well as PSP. A DSi edition is also being considered as well as some non-Worms bits and pieces too.

There's a bunch of things coming out: there's a new Worms for Wii, and PSP and probably DSi coming down the line as well. All digital. And some other new stuff, off in the distance, which we can't discuss... so... well, it's all non-Worms stuff as well.

Thanks to GoNintendo.

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who didn't see this comming? i mean really Smilie but it had to be done though. as long as they keep it 2D it will rock.

Wow, a digital version??? And here I was thinking the next Worms would be analog!

What they need to do is go back to the Worms 2 style. I like it way better than the new one (with the huge worms). I might get it if it's good (and has online play).

Worms Macedonia was the definitive version, imo.
I liked the idea of magnetic stuff in the new ones though.

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Well the analog version got scraped because complaints from PETA about the worms inability to survive being posted and various national security agencies disallowing posting weapons... They learned from EA's mistake.

Darkflame said:
Worms Macedonia was the definitive version, imo.

Worms Macedonia?

^^Click for a wallpaper version^^

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