Nintendo Posts 60% Drop in Net Profit

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.07.2009 6

Nintendo Posts 60% Drop in Net Profit on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

It is that time of year again when various companies reveal how well they have done over the past financial quarter, showing off profits, game sales and the performance of pieces of hardware where possible. This has given Nintendo the chance to update its First Quarter 2009 fiscal data and the results were revealed yesterday. Unsurprisingly, after such massive earnings from last year, the company has not quite been able to keep up the fantastic pace it set with the DS and Wii, therefore Nintendo has actually posted drops in all areas: hardware, software sales and net profit.

Check out some of the facts and figures below:

  • Wii hardware sales - 2.2 million for first fiscal quarter 2009. US saw a drop in Wii hardware - around 65%, Japan 60% and Europe 40%.
  • Wii software sales - 29 million units (- 20%)
  • DS hardware - 6 million units (- 23%)
  • Sales down 40% from 423.3 billion yen to 253.4 billion yen - in the same period last year.
  • Net profit down 60% from 2008 at 42.31 billion yen.
  • Total DSi sales at 6,680,000 units worldwide, total DS sales at 107,750,000 units worldwide, total Wii sales at 52,620,000 worldwide.

Thanks to Shacknews, NeoGAF.

Those interested in more, more, more figures along with other bits and bobs can view the official report from Nintendo of Japan online.

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So, now they're probably down to "only" 600.000 euro's net profit per official nintendo employee. Let the impossible talks of microbloft buying nintendo begin!

Are we finally going to see price drops in the systems? I bet they drop the price soon (in about a month or two) at the beginning of the christmas buying season or immediately after christmas, to keep the money steadyly flowing into the company.

About bloody time, It was bound to drop some time tbh, it will make them do some price cuts etc, The DSi Didn't help much either.

I'm more amazed Sony hasnt had a price cut. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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I agree with Darkflame but must be a bit more proactive in my commentary. Nintendo needs to get off their duffs and start cranking out games.

There haven't been any games like SSBB, Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit. That's why sales have been so low. They will start picking up after WiiSports Resort. And this holiday season is going to be hot. NSMB Wii and Wii Fit+ both will sell lots of consoles.

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