XSEED: Buy Flower, Sun and Rain While You Can

By Adam Riley 31.07.2009 1

XSEED: Buy Flower, Sun and Rain While You Can on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Following Cubed3's interview with Goichi Suda about Flower, Sun and Rain, XSEED has discussed sales so far for the US region. The intriguing mix of eclectic prose, traditional adventuring and number-based puzzles has been met with mixed reviews across the board due to many reviewers not quite 'getting' where Suda-san was coming from with its creation, yet it came with a very strong recommendation from Cubed3 when it was handed an 8/10 mark when the Grasshopper Manufacture PS2-to-DS port arrived in Europe late last year.

The US release was pushed back several times, but eventually hit North America in June this year. Following Rising Star Games' comment about how the game had performed well across Europe considering its niche nature, Ken Berry of XSEED Games has now his two cents on the game's US performance so far:

"Given how unique and quirky the title is, we set our expectations for Flower, Sun and Rain accordingly. The title has met our sales expectations, and made a small number of enthusiastic gamers looking for something out of the ordinary very happy in the process."

Positive words indeed. However, a word of caution - "Just because FSR is meeting our already low expectations, that does not mean that it is a success." Sadly it appears that although it may seem to be selling well, that is not necessarily the case - it is merely a case of chugging along at a pace that will likely see it sell through its initial batch of stock. In fact, that 'initial' batch may indeed be its last if Mr. Berry's words are anything to go by. In addition, sadly the chances of seeing The Silver Case DS are also getting smaller and smaller by the day. First of all we heard from Suda-san himself that the project may be completed, but may still never see the light of day due to the gameplay being too dated now, and now XSEED has ruled out bringing it to the US: "We will not be working on Silver Case DS, so please tell your readers to go ahead and pick up FSR right now while they still can *smiles*"

So, you have your orders - go check out Goichi Suda's intriguing DS adventure game in the hope of raising the chances of ever seeing its prequel on DS!

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The game is on stock at www.amazon.de at 10 EUR. If you guys want to pick it up, do it. I did.
And ofcourse, if you set your DS to english - this I did of course - you get an English version. Problem is: The manual is German. But you guys are polyglott and very German-crazy, I know that. You Brits are friendly against Germany, because we did a flimsy little WWII, no?

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

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