Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Dated

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.08.2009 5

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Dated on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Capcom has set a date for the next on-rails Resident Evil shooter on Wii, The Darkside Chronicles.

November 27th's the date to expect zombie action on Nintendo's home console, and for those wanting that taste of realism, the game will also come bundled with a Wii Zapper to help (or perhaps hinder) your aiming.

Darkside Chronicles revolves around Racoon City as it was in Resident Evil 2, following protagonists Leon and Claire as the pair try to clear up the mess left in Racoon City by the deadly T-Virus.

Will you be picking up a copy of the game? Do you feel the Wii Zapper improved the point and shoot experience in the original?

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Our member of the week

So is it the european release date or the US one ?

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

My main problem with onrails on the wii is they dont seem to be as accurate when using it like a light gun. The dreamcast HOTD plays a lot tighter then the wii game. Sitting down with the remote in your lap just point and clicking is not fun at all.

Bundled with an improved Wii Zapper would be handy.

I might get it, but not before I play through RE and get RE Zero. If I do get it, the main reason for doing so would just be to get caught up on the series storyline. And to hell with the stupid Zapper. They've already tried it in a bazillion games, and I've yet to hear a single person say that it ISN'T detrimental to controlling the game. Just face it, Nintendo, the Zapper was a failure.

Loose the zapper!!!!

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