Blitz Bring A Revolution in Karaoke

By Mike Mason 26.08.2009

Blitz Bring A Revolution in Karaoke on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Unfazed by the already bulging music game release schedule for the end of the year, Konami has reaffirmed that its title Karaoke Revolution will be coming to all present generation home consoles in Q4 2009. The Blitz Games developed title is being pushed with its status of being the original party singing series and a tracklist consisting of 50 master tracks.

Very few of the songs have been confirmed, but a press release recently stated that five Jackson Five and/or Michael Jackson songs will be in there (I'll Be There and ABC were specifically noted), alongside Coldplay's Viva La Vida, Pink's So What and the legendary Man On The Moon from R.E.M.. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions allow further tracks to be added via DLC, but unfortunately the functionality is not mentioned for Wii - and nor is online. Modes available include the standard career mode and a party mode that allows up to 16 people to get in on the action.

Customisation is a big thing in Karaoke Revolution. Realistic avatars can be created in-game using Blitz Games Studios' own Blitz Tech body and face morphing technology, and you can also modify venues in terms of stages, props and lighting. In addition, you can have the original music video of the song you're singing playing over the stage while you perform.

Here's some quotation from Project Director Mark Hardisty.

"Karaoke Revolution is special for a number of reasons. Not only was it the original console karaoke game but it now also features some great new customisation options for both characters and venues. Players can create avatars of themselves using our facial and body morphing technology and have total control over the way the stage look. We also have the original music videos that can be projected onto the customised stages as you sing along."

Karaoke Revolution will be launching around November time. Until then, check out the screens in our media album below. Or you can read our exclusive interview with Blitz Games Studios' Oliver Twins about all sorts of things.

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