Create 'Your Hero' For Drawn To Life

By Mike Mason 27.08.2009


THQ have pulled back the curtain on a childrens drawing competition to promote the new Drawn To Life titles, The Next Chapter, which are out on Wii and DS this year. Any of you lot who are thinking of pretending to be a child and entering anyway, put your pencils away - part of the prize is a load of art supplies for the winner's school. Unless you're heartless and want to try to rob a school.

The 'Your Hero' competition asks clever little art monkeys to submit their designs for a character on the specially designed online hub. They'll be popped into a gallery and ten of the best entrants across the country will be selected as winners, receiving art supplies for their school, a copy of the game and, best of all, the opportunity for their character to be displayed on billboards in their town during the games' advertisement.

As if the thought of their picture blown up so all their school friends can gaze at it in awe isn't enough, THQ seem determined to keep the lucky ones giddy by teasing the promise of an overall winner who will take home a further bounty of goodies. The winning artist will be selected by none other than our favourite ex-Blue Peter host Konnie Huq. She'll be picking out her favourite at an event in October. And here she has a few nice words to say about Drawn To Life.

"Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is a fantastic new videogame that children of all ages will enjoy playing. Not only does this title allow their imaginations to run wild, but it also fosters their creativity, allowing them to draw their own characters and bring them to life in the game. The game is great fun and I am delighted to be involved in this campaign!"

Thanks Konnie! This seems like a good opportunity to mention that the new Drawn To Life adds a bundle of new features to the series. In the Wii debut there appear to be more items to draw for the new editions, such as vehicles and tools, and there's a multiplayer mode consisting of some mini-games. Don't run away - the games are things like football and hockey, and each player gets to sketch their own teams and equipment to play with.

The DS title expands upon the proven original and allows players to draw animals and beasts with abnormal amounts of limbs rather than boring humanoids, and throughout your character can morph into things like spiders. The storyline is based around returning colour to the world, and so it seems appropriate that there's new functionality in different colours having certain properties to help in the solving of puzzles. There's also a multiplayer trading aspect to things, so you can pass your horrific creations to all your mates.

That online hub again is here ( Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter is released on October 16th 2009.

Are you looking forward to the new Drawn To Life games? Do you know any youngsters that you will be pointing towards this competition?

Box art for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

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