Mr Driller, Poker for Nintendo Download

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.08.2009

Mr Driller, Poker for Nintendo Download on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

This week's Nintendo download brings a slice of poker, classic Mr Driller loving and a quirky DSiWare platformer.

Texas Hold'Em Poker (WiiWare, Gameloft, 600 Points)
Europeans can experience the intensity of Teaxs Hold'em poker from Gameloft, with support for Miis, taking on the world's most prestigious casinos to cash out and win big. Includes an online feature for up to 5 friends, with your own and official tournaments, random battles and more.

Mr. Driller W (WiiWare, Namco Bandai, 800 Wii Points)
Classic underground drilling love from Namco Bandai. More than 20 stages and missions to drill through an onslaught of crazy coloured blocks whilst avoiding falling obstacles.

Oscar in Toyland (DSiWare, Microvalue, 800 Points)
Quirky platformer full of crazy candy, fairytale and fairground worlds - meeting toys and animals, and using unique power-ups to get through… the magical Yo-Yo being Oscar's main weapon of choice.

Have/will you be purchasing any of these new WiiWare/DSiWare releases?

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