Multiple Controls for Sin & Punishment 2

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.09.2009 4

Multiple Controls for Sin & Punishment 2 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The follow-up to arcade-style shooter Sin & Punishment for Wii will let players use multiple control setups, including GameCube.

Treasure's main approach for the sequel is for Wii remote and nunchuck play, with plenty of point and shoot action. It makes sense, but for those who want a more classic approach, there's also support for Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro and the beloved GameCube pad. Want even more? There's also a Wii Zapper configuration, according to Siliconera.

What do you think your control setup will be for Sin and Punishment 2?

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Bout time, i've wanted more info on this game for a while. The Zapper sounds promising though

Who would want dual analog control when he can get pointer control???

Canyarion said:
Who would want dual analog control when he can get pointer control???

Exactly. Unless turning is required and is implemented in a worse than sucky way there's no need for it I guess.

Anyone familiar with the similarities and differences between this and metroid other m? Probably too early to tell but who knows...

Why the hell would ANYONE want to play this game with anything other than the remote-and-nunchuk configuration?? Even the original game felt like it was MADE for that configuration. And controlling it with the GC or Classic was a royal pain in the ass.

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