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Wii Controllers go Black from November

Wii Controllers go Black from November on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Not content with waggling your white remotes and nunchuck about? Nintendo has confirmed plans to bring over the black variety!

From November 16th Nintendo will be introducing black versions of the Wii remote (including MotionPlus) and nunchuck. Suggested retail prices are $49.99 for the remote/MotionPlus bundle and $19.99 for a black nunchuck.

The Wii Remote revolutionized not only how people play games, but also who plays them. The new color lets people customize their setup, and the controllers make great stocking stuffers for players of any age.

Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing

Image for Wii Controllers go Black from November

What do you think of the new controllers? Will you be buying a set or two?

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14.10.2009 17:21



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Reader comments - add yours today Comments on this Article

FINALLY. A stylish black Wii Remote and Nunchuk actually FROM Nintendo and not some boot third party.

Finally. I've been waiting for this since launch. I'm not sure if I will get another nunchuck or use my white one.

I don't really care, although I must admit that I wonder how long the marketing department took to decide when the best time was to release a new colour.

This is usually done when they're over their peak performance regarding sales.

erv said:
This is usually done when they're over their peak performance regarding sales.

Think so? If that's the case I'd like a red one, blue one, neon green one, and one in mauve.

i have 1 already. i prefer it to the white one, tho i wish we would have had black from the start. it looks weird next to the white console.

Black ones are usually bigger, right?

Tut tut tut, even the Wii cannot escape racism ;-Smilie

May you be in heaven for half an hour before the devil knows you are dead.
Tony C. (guest) 14.10.2009 21:09#8

Beautiful! I'll get some for Christmas!! Hope they will do some in red or blue, silver even like the GameCube one! Smilie

Looking good but I doubt I'll need one anytime soon.

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Pat the idiot (guest) 14.10.2009 22:18#10

Slick! Would look a bit odd next to my white Wii however...

Senior ModeratorCubed3 Member

FINA-FUCKING-LY!!! Been waiting for a good excuse to get a new wii remote and nunchuck!

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

If only they'd release a black Wii outside Japan now too...

Cubed3 Staff :: Senior Editor
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Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Hmm, hopefully setting up the release of a black Wii before Christmas, would be very weird not to!

Probably will end up seeing at least one or two more colours in the Wii's peak lifetime - a nice silver, blue or red themed one is likely. I have a feeling Nintendo will end up caving in going pink at somepoint too!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Seems I might be getting a Wii sooner than I had anticipated. Just waiting for the release of Nifflas' new game and I will be Wiiing like the rest of you. Smilie

Nah I'm not getting one. I already own 2 Wiimotes, and I rarely play with more than 2 people.

Is the wii motion plus built in?

Angus said:
Black ones are usually bigger, right?

No, they are the same size as the white ones with one exception:

ohm said:
Is the wii motion plus built in?

Yes, it is. That's what you see on the pictures above. But not entirely built in, but klickable like the white ones, that's what the blue circle in the picture is marking.
I hate sleeves, but at least they are black.

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Laurelin said:
Angus said:
Black ones are usually bigger, right?

No, they are the same size as the white ones with one exception:


Are you speaking from experience, Laurelin?

Honestly does it really cost that much to produce various different colours. Nintendo should have made Zelda, Mario, Metroid, hell anything kind of remotes and just released them all, as well as all different colours. People love to believe they are personalising their experience, why just tempt people with one colour that should have been available anyways?

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Ciara (guest) 18.10.2009 12:29#20

So so cute!!! Smilie I really like the black ones

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