Change 4 Life Endorses Wii Fit Plus

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.10.2009 1

Change 4 Life Endorses Wii Fit Plus on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

UK Health campaign Change 4 Life, who previously linked gaming to "early death" have recently started to endorse Wii Fit Plus.

The series of TV ads are aimed at parents and children to try and invoke a healthier lifestyle, whether it be going for a walk with your dog, or kicking a ball about - essentially, getting off your arse and doing a bit of exercise each day. When Change 4 Life first hit transmissions it heavily implied video games are a major contributing factor towards death. Owch. It since changed the line-up slightly, including a plastercene chap on a dance mat.

With Nintendo bringing more fitness and exercise regimes in Wii Fit Plus, the group have endorsed the game as part of a "healthy, balanced lifestyle". ELSPA have been working hard with the government and NHS to improve recognition for gaming.

Thanks to Joystiq.

What do you think of Change 4 Life and the approaches they're taking towards gaming and a healthier lifestyle?

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I've been using Wii Fit Plus for the past week and it is a great improvement over Wii Fit, what with being able to know how many calories you're burning, which exercises are more "heavy" on your body as well as making your own routine.

I used Wii Fit since Launch and Wii Fit Plus is indeed more of the same, but better.

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