Castlevania WiiWare Debut Footage

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.10.2009 6

Castlevania WiiWare Debut Footage on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

As part of the latest Nintendo Week video update, Konami revealed a short snippet from the upcoming WiiWare Castlevania remake.

Castlevania: Rebirth is an enhanced version of the 1989 Game Boy title featuring new enemies, music and variations on the original level designs. It'll be presented in classic 16-bit glory for a delictable visual treat.

Thanks to CVG.

Box art for Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth





2D Platformer



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Not for me.

Smilie what was the point of the girl part from being cute lol

Jump_button said:
Smilie what was the point of the girl part from being cute lol
she's one of the host from the show Nintendo Week on the Nintendo channel. That was just a clip from the show. She is the only thing that keeps me watching it, apart from me wanting to know what they are telling the casual audience to purchaseSmilie

They should have just made it like the DS ones.

It's in line with how the "Rebirth" line has been on Wii: take a Konami franchise, make it look like a SNES game, sell for 1,000 Wii points, and let the fun begin.

Looking forward to it since I love Castlevania and the past Rebirth games have been a blast.

I will definitely download this on day one. But Konami could release "Simon Belmont Visits a Restroom" and I'd be marginally interested.

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