Frogger Leaps onto WiiWare, PSN

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.10.2009 1

Frogger Leaps onto WiiWare, PSN on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Konami has officially confirmed the return for its beloved arcade classic, Frogger, in the aptly titled Frogger Returns for WiiWare and PSN.

Fortunately for fans of the series the core formula's being kept intact - you're guiding an adorable frog, Frogger, from the bustling city back home. There are all new environments and enemies hoping to stop the amphibian from getting back, however the arcade style mechanics of past Froggers said to be set firmly in place.

That said, he's receiving a little extra help this time round through several funky power-ups, including time reverse, invincibility and time freeze.

The whole package, said to be 12x the size of the original, is done up in 3D and has various control options. Frogger Returns will be available to download on WiiWare and PlayStation Network later this fall.

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For €1 I hope?

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