Miyamoto Explains Why Wario Wasn't in New Super Mario Bros

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Miyamoto Explains Why Wario Wasn

In a new interview with Japanese publication Famitsu magazine, the creator of Donkey Kong, Zelda and Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, went on record to explain the reason behind why Wario, along with several other familiar faces, was not included in the recent high profile release, New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Apparently Wario missed out on the platform action because he would have to have had a fart attack, whilst reasons are given for the lack of Princess Peach as well.

"Mario and Luigi are the same as always, of course, and suggestions for the other two characters included Wario and Waluigi, Toad, and Princess Peach. The thing is that with Wario he'd need to have a fart attack, Peach would have to be able to fly with her skirt, and so on. With this game we wanted every character to play the same way."

- Shigeru Miyamoto, speaking to Famitsu magazine.

What do think about Miyamoto's decision? Do you think other characters could have worked?

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Fair enough that they wanted characters to behave in similar ways, but still - they did it in past Mario platformers, so why not here?

Don't give me that "people will argue" bull that Miyamoto would probably reply - the point in characters is that they do behave and play in different ways.

If not Wario at least Peach, Daisy, solo-Yoshi, a Shy Guy etc.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Also behaving in similar ways is no excuse to not add Wario or Peach! Wario has been in about 10 games and he's only ever had a "fart attack" in ONE of those titles. Miyamoto is just scraping at straws to avoid saying "we couldn't be bothered".

Noone would complain if Wario and Peach were playable but played the same.

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DDCC (guest) 02.12.2009#3

This comment is being taken out of context, similar to Miyamoto's comment about the flow of Peach's dress stopped her being a playable character in NSMBW.

The comment is not an excuse, it is a joke.

"but in fact, the Toad characters have a physicality that's a little bit closer to Mario and Luigi. In particular, if we had one character out of the four that wore a dress, we would have to have special processing and programming to handle how the skirt is handled within the gameplay."

The comment is in jest, but it holds some truth.

The toads are more a similar size to the Mario Bros. than either Wario (too fat), Waluigi (too lanky) or Peach (all wrong).

In a game like Mario Bros 2 that might not have been so much of a problem given they all different attributes, and let's not forget that the Mario sprites were planted ontop of the Doki sprites.

Here it would not have looked right, or would have had to alter and complicated the gameplay.

Please don't get overexcited about all of this.

Gibdo (guest) 02.12.2009#4

How could they 'not be bothered'. If they were going to have each character play the exact same way, then I'm sure they could have put an infinite number of characters in with little effort. I would have loved to have been able to play with other characters, but it's obvious they've made a conscious decision over it.

I\'m sorry, but that explanation is BS. As far as I know Wario only had a fart attack in Smash Bros. and even if he had it in previous titles that doesn\'t mean you need to include it.


( Edited 22.12.2009 02:55 by Teetrab )

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Jessie Beck (guest) 17.09.2017#6

I say Miyamoto should remake New Super Mario Bros. Wii and make Peach a playable character instead of Yellow Toad.

ZXXZ (guest) 27.03.2020#7

this interview really aged awfully

Anon (guest) 13.07.2020#8

Is giving Wario a fart attack really necessary? Did he have one in Super Mario 64 DS?

It's a shame they didn't include Waluigi either. Not counting his appearance in the first Super Mario Maker game he has never appeared on any official Mario platformer yet.

This game could have marked Waluigi's first appearance in an official regular Mario platformer.

HappyCappy123 (guest) 10.02.2021#9

I would have loved to see Wario in a main Super Mario Bros title. I mean, these days they got Peachette, Rosalina and TWO Toads. Why not scoot over and let the man have a go at it?

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