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Atlus Trauma Team Wii Promo Videos

Atlus Trauma Team Wii Promo Videos on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Atlus U.S.A. is giving fans of the upcoming medical entertainment experience Trauma Team, exclusively for Wii, the chance to take a trip into the voice recording studio for a behind-the-scenes look at production work on this anticipated title. The Behind-the-Scenes Voice-Over Recording video gives fans a special look inside PCB Productions and presents a closer look at the Trauma Team project as well as the overall voice-over recording process. Meet the Project Lead and Editor for Trauma Team along with Keith Arem, President of PCB Productions and Lead Recording Engineer for Trauma Team in this first installment.

The Behind-the-Scenes Meet the Actors video goes into the voice recording process as a whole, including what PCB Productions looks for in voice actors when casting a part. Meet some of the talent in Trauma Team whose voices give life to the game's interesting and diverse cast, and learn some of the challenges they face along with some tidbits of advice for aspiring voice actors.

Trauma Team Behind the Scenes: Voice-Over Recording

"With special thanks to the talented folks at PCB Productions, we're able to take fans inside the voice recording process and show them how work is progressing on the upcoming Trauma Team."
Crystal Murray, Public Relations Specialist at Atlus.

Bigger and more exciting than ever before, Trauma Team is the ultimate medical drama! Encounter unprecedented depth across six distinct fields of medicine: play as a general surgeon, diagnostician, E.M.T., orthopedic surgeon, endoscopic technician, and forensic examiner. Follow the drama as never before with all-new dynamic story sequences inspired by Japanese animation and comics; each chapter comes vividly to life with a style seen nowhere else! Hand-drawn art, innovative animation, and quality voice acting perfectly capture the raw intensity, excitement, and danger of every heart-pounding moment!

Trauma Team Behind the Scenes: Meet the Voice Actors

Trauma Team is currently scheduled for release on 20th April, 2010 in the US for US$49.99. More information can be found on the official website.

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