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Dementium II DS Does Valentines

Dementium II DS Does Valentines on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Not all is right in the world of Dementium, but the undead also celebrate V-Day. Renegade Kid has sent out their card.

According to, the studio felt the need to inject a little horror in a day designed for hearts and flowers with a fairly creepy card, complete with a pretty disturbing message on the inside...

"Love You to Death"... just lovely!

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18.02.2010 14:23



Box art for Dementium II

Renegade Kid







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Senior ModeratorCubed3 Member

I call witch!!!!

Crazy box art.

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

I got one of these as well. My wife wents crazy - she wanted to call the police Smilie I told her to check the back of the card...but even when she saw the Dementium website address she didn't get it was a PR thing as she's not heard of the game.

Best V-day card I got this year! Smilie

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