Nintendo DSiWare Gets Tasty With Super Yum Yum

By Mike Mason 25.02.2010

Nintendo DSiWare Gets Tasty With Super Yum Yum on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Mastertronic have announced that Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures will soon be released on Nintendo DSiWare. The series has previously found huge success on mobile phone platforms, receiving over 50 awards, and was recently voted one of the top 30 games in Apple's iPhone/iPod App Store. DSi owners, you could be in for a tasty treat...

The game centres around Leon, a chameleon who's had his children stolen into the bulging stomach of Ms. Tum Tum. Your mission? Rescue those babies and dish out some karma on the greedy fiend along the way, by gobbling up fruit, sticking your tongue out at things and changing red, gold and green (alright, blue as well...) to solve puzzles! Developers AirPlay are promising over 30 hours of action-puzzle gameplay - more than enough to keep your DSi going through a few charges.

"We are delighted to be working with Mastertronic to bring an enhanced version of this great puzzle game to a totally new audience. Not only does Super Yum Yum have a great pedigree but we firmly believe we have created one of the best DSiWare games available on the platform." - Ian Masters, AirPlay

Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures has no set release date yet. We're assured that you'll be able to get your hands on it in the very near future, though.

Are you looking forward to Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures? Have you played any of the past versions?

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