Ubisoft's Rabbids Do Bobsleighing

By Adam Riley 26.02.2010 2


Those crazy Rabbids are at it again, this time going crazy in a Bobsleigh, clearly in honour of the on-going Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Ubisoft has released a small trailer to show off the wacky antics of the Rabbids that recently featured in the zany Rabbids Go Home for Wii.

Be sure to check out the short clip below:

Are you a fan of the Rabbids, and how do you think Ubisoft should expand the series?

Box art for Rabbids Go Home








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Eric (guest) 27.02.2010#1

I am a huge fan of the Rabbids. Love their sense of humor, and it has yet to grow stale. Rabbids Go Home was an under-appreciated game

I was really looking forward to RRR2, but reviews said it was worse than the first.
So I never got around to any of the Rabbid games.

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