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By Adam Riley 27.02.2010

More Sin & Punishment 2 Wii Information on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Following the release of new screens and videos of Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies, Nintendo has unleashed more details about the game itself for those eagerly awaiting the Treasure-developed action shooter, exclusively on Wii.

All-action shooting comes to Wii on 7th May, 2010 when Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies launches across Europe. With relentless waves of attacks from violent creatures from the fourth earth and projectiles to destroy, this is a true power play from the Japanese developer Treasure (Ikaruga, Bangai-o, Gunstar Heroes).

The cult Japanese arcade game, played in chapters, follows the mysterious story of Isa Jo and Kachi as together they fight a battle for humanity between Inner and Outer Space. The two characters can fly above the ground and perform feats of fast shooting as they dash and glide on jet packs and flying boards, battling to repel the hordes of enemies with guns, swords and a powerful bomb. To add to the challenge, each action-packed level has been designed to throw enemies, including gigantic bosses called Commanders, against you in a certain order. You will need to study a stage and its waves of enemies in great detail in order to achieve the best score possible.

The frantic arcade action works with both the Wii Remote, Classic Controller and also the Nintendo GameCube controller. The game will also work in perfect harmony with the Wii Zapper, enabling players to make the most of the quick fire game play. As well as all-action single player gameplay, there is a co-operative mode in which you can be joined by a second player who can help you with your mission by shooting down enemies on screen. With the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection you can also compare your scores on an international ranking and leader board.

The scoring system in Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies challenges players to study each stage and its waves of enemies in great detail in order to achieve the best score possible. Players are rewarded for hitting successive enemies while suffering as little damage as possible and can reap more points if they perform extraordinary actions, such as hitting a large number of enemies in a row. The game gives fans plenty to talk about with lots of hidden gameplay elements to discover; such as the strategy to best tackle patterns of enemies or techniques that reward skilled players with the coveted medals.

A classic arcade action with some additional surprises, this game with compelling ‘come-back-for-more’ challenges is a must. Before long you will want to upload your best scores to compete across the world. Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies launches across Europe on Wii on 7th May, 2010.

Cubed3 will have a hands-on report for this thrilling action shooter from the recent Nintendo Media Summit in the next couple of days.

Box art for Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies
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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor









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