Super Meat Boy WiiWare Gameplay Videos

By Adam Riley 27.02.2010 5

Super Meat Boy WiiWare Gameplay Videos on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Some new videos of Super Meat Boy on Nintendo WiiWare have been released from the US Media Summit. The puzzle platform title from Team Meat was recently listed as one of Cubed3's Most Anticipated WiiWare Games of 2010, and will finally be launching on the download service this summer. The game was shown off in Europe towards the end of last year, where Cubed3 went hands-on with it, but it was also shown off at this week's US Media Summit and some in-game footage has been released from players' time with it.

Be sure to check out the clips below:

Super Meat Boy hits WiiWare and PC sometime in Summer 2010, following its debut on XBLA earlier in the year.


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I've played the internet version of this, it's pretty good. Can't remember what level I got to though.

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Ugh, so getting this on 360 then.

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Squidboy said:
Ugh, so getting this on 360 then.

I feel that could well be the case with many people now. Team Meat really should have waited for the WiiWare and PC editions to launch first before announcing it would come out on XBLA...It might have also been better to keep schtum on how the XBLA version will be bigger than the WiiWare one Smilie

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I like how the replay shows every session at once. Smilie

Canyarion said:
I like how the replay shows every session at once. Smilie

Pretty hilarious tbh Smilie
I love the look of this game, played the newgrounds flash game of it and was pretty good. This however looks much better.

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