More The Last Story Wii RPG Artwork

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.03.2010 3

More The Last Story Wii RPG Artwork on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has popped up even more pieces of artwork from the upcoming Mistwalker Wii-exclusive RPG, The Last Story.

Each week we seem to be seeing new aspects of the game, from the environment concept designs to lush paintings of your home island. This time round we've got a trio of character designs, each donning intricate armour and weaponry that'll probably come in handy at somepoint.

On the island of Ruri there are two sorts of warrior - the "upperclass" knight variety, considered to be amongst the best in society, and the more "disposable" sort, mercenaries. According to a translation by Andriasang the main protagonists in The Last Story are all job-hungry mercenaries eager to rise up the ranks and become knights. See if you an spot the difference...

Image for More The Last Story Wii RPG Artwork

Image for More The Last Story Wii RPG Artwork

Image for More The Last Story Wii RPG Artwork
Box art for The Last Story





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I'm glad they're slowly building up more hype about the game. Let's hope it's not too long before actual screenshots come out Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]
meeto_0 (guest) 26.03.2010#2

looks good. im starved for an rpg. cant remember the last one i played. nint home consoles are not the place for rpgs. but this year might change that. just hope it supports classic control or ir controls only. no waggle!

JarJar (guest) 27.03.2010#3

I'm looking forward to this. This character art is a bit iffy, but the concept art for the locations is very pretty and has a charming old-world feel. Still though, in every aspect we've been shown something from both this and Xenoblade, Xenoblade's info and media has been much more appealing; it's still early, but what I mentioned combined with the pedigree of developer, Xenoblade is definitely looking to be the better RPG. I wouldn't be surprised though if this ends up very good too.
P.S., speaking of Xenoblade, Cubed3 REALLY needs to get another interview with Monolith Soft. The last one was very interesting, but it's been a while. ):

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