Inazuma Eleven 3 Gets World Cup Boost

By Adam Riley 29.03.2010 2

Inazuma Eleven 3 Gets World Cup Boost on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With the first Inazuma Eleven Football RPG cruising slowly to a respectable 400,000 sales over a long period of time, and Inazuma Eleven 2 taking full advantage of the first game's good word-of-mouth to blitz past that with ease last year, it is no wonder Level-5 is working hard on a third iteration. However, with the second game still lingering in the Japanese Media Create Top 50, with sales of around 1.1 million, some might be shocked to hear that Inazuma Eleven 3 Sekai e no Chousen SPARK / BOMBER is due in Japan as early as 1st July, 2010!

Level-5 is clearly gearing up to take full advantage of the World Cup hype, just as it is apparently set to bring the first in the series to Europe during the same window of time.

Whilst it was originally thought that Ninokuni: The Another World from Level-5 and Studio Ghibli would take the honour of becoming the first ever DS game to use a 4GBit ROM, Konami revealed that it would trump the company with the release of Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 3rd Story this summer. Now it seems the pendulum may well have swung back towards Level-5 as it claims this new Inazuma Eleven will be the first to use the large DS media card format to cram in over 2,000 characters and 300 super moves. New to this threequel as well are the Angel Team (exclusive to the SPARK edition) and Devil Team (only found in BOMBER). Super Move Tactics can be used on the field now, along with a combination of particular super moves.

Additionally, the third game will have players controlling Inazuma Japan, competing against opponents from around Riocot Island. As well as the "Angels Apostles" and "Demon World Army Z" teams that are found in the different versions, there will also be noticeable differences in skills, characters and ever specific areas of the story to ensure the two are not too similar. Some new features added in also include 'Hissatsu Tactics' and the 'Perfect Zone Press' ability, the latter of which can be seen in the TV anime show, where a single opponent on the pitch can be engulfed in flames temporarily. Those that eagerly snapped up the second game will not be alienated, though, with the Super Link feature allowing for ally characters to be transferred across.

Finally, CEO Akihiro Hino has recently spoken out about the home console game currently known as Inazuma Eleven Break and thought to be coming to Wii, although nothing has been confirmed. The head of Level-5 has compared[/i] the 2010 release as being similar to Nintendo's Smash Bros. series. On Hino-san's official Twitter page, he [url=]stated, "Meeting for the console version of Inazuma Eleven. Different from the DS version's RPG type, this has, maybe, the feeling of sports fighting. Perhaps those who like Smash Bros. will enjoy it." Clearly this has ruffled some feathers, confusing fans of the RPG adventure with turn-based football action mixed in. How will this home console edition be like Smash Bros.? Or does Hino-san simply want to hint that the game is indeed coming to Wii? Who knows...

Are readers still hoping for a World Cup release of the first game in the US and Europe?

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sujiki (guest) 16.10.2010#1

i really love inazuma eleven..! woohhhhhhyour text hereyour text hereSmilieSmilieSmilieSmilie

cirly (guest) 14.05.2011#2

Very cool I love this cartoon SmilieSmilie

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