Miyamoto Makes Special Appearance at Mario Championships

By Calum Peak 29.03.2010 4

Miyamoto Makes Special Appearance at Mario Championships on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary game designer and creator of Mario, appeared at the finals of the Mario Championships in Japan to hand out awards to the victors. Competitors took to the stage to battle it out on New Super Mario Bros. Wii for the 'Coin Battle Japan Number One Championship', the tournament which has been sweeping the nation since February to select seven players who would appear in the finals. Miyamoto-an was on hand to deliver a rather luxurious trophy to the winners and say a few choice comments.

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Miyamoto-San: "It was incredible!" he said. "I watched with excitement, similar to watching the Olympics on television and cheering on the curlers."

"We made this game thinking that we wanted people to play while communicating with one another," he said of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. "But with just that, the gamer spirit would not rest, so we added the Coin Battle elements towards the end. This tournament does not give you the time to look at your surroundings. That is okay today. However, we want Mario to be enjoyed together."

"I originally did industrial design, and wanted to make tools -- things that could be used to draw the Koopa Troopas, for instance. So, this game was made as a tool that everyone can play, rather than as a game that you strategize to clear. Tools are useful because everyone uses them. Play is like this. Even a single stick can be fun if everyone plays together. We plan on continuing to make this type of product, and would be happy if you'd play and play and build up what we've made into something even more interesting."

What do you think to this competition on the whole? If you got the chance, would you take part?

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That is one awesome trophy. I wish Miyamoto was at the tournament I went to, instead we got Charles Martinet but he's cool too.

Shaun (guest) 29.03.2010#2

Nice one, beautiful trophie! They should do these over here in America!

Awesome trophy, reminds me of the the statue of link from club nintendo xD

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They must do a World Wide Coin Battle TOurnament....A big Opportunity

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