AlphaBounce Coming to Nintendo DSiWare

By Calum Peak 29.03.2010

AlphaBounce Coming to Nintendo DSiWare on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

AlphaBounce, created by Monkey Studios and Motion Twin, is a classic brick-breaking title with RPG features. Based on the web-based game of the same name, players must control an inter-galactic prisoner who explores millions different levels within the universe to gain upgrades and blast your way out of imprisonment to Earth.

Check out the trailer for the DSiWare edition below:

AlphaBounce is set to hit DSiWare on 9th April in Europe and Australia, with the slightly later date of 12th April for the American market.

Will you be purchasing AlphaBounce on DSiWare?

Box art for AlphaBounce

Mad Monkey


Mad Monkey





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