The Last Story Wii Update No.6

By Adam Riley 14.04.2010 1

The Last Story Wii Update No.6 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has updated the official blog for The Last Story on Wii with a sixth entry into its teaser posts.

According to the still unnamed Director of the project, the characters in the new sketch released is an image of the main hero and heroine of the story, stating "There is a wall between the two," something that seems to be keeping them from being together and sharing their dreams with each other.

Image for The Last Story Wii Update No.6

Other than the tale woven around those two characters, the Director confirms that there will be several other stories included to keep players intrigued:

  • The fear of speaking your true feelings,
  • The mystery of the father who went missing on boat,
  • The difficulty a leader has in making decisions,
  • The close accomplice who has turned to evil,
  • The foolish archaeologist's prison break.
It's very important to merge battles and gameplay with story. Neither can stand on its own. Once both are connected together, the characters will rise up as "human" within the container of a game.

Following on from this, the Producer of the project chips in with, "The characters who appear in The Last Story all walk their own paths and have their own stories,", with him drawing comparisons between The Last Story and real-life, where each and every person in the world has lived very different lives.

Finally, whilst The Last Story will focus on the male protagonist, the Producer sincerely feels that the other stories included will have the ability to emotionally touch gamers, concluding by saying, "Once you've been touched by that, it's likely that you'll be able to feel [ the characters outside of the main character ]'s true feelings, which you did not see before."

Hironobu Sakaguchi has also indicated that "Recently, I often end up waking up at 5:00. Is it jet lag? Or am I on edge because LS is approaching completion? Last Story's development is at long last in the final stages. The feeling of tension is pleasant."

Expect another update on The Last Story very soon.

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Elrinth (guest) 14.04.2010#1

Nice... I like the art. Sakaguchi don't screw this up now

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