SplitReason Competition Results

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.04.2010 11

SplitReason Competition Results on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

We've rummaged through the entries and drawn the winners for our exclusive "Plumber's Wardrobe" t-shirt competition.

Last month we gave you the opportunity to win a t-shirt donning a delicious portrait of Mario's behind as he decides what to wear for the next Super Mario Bros outing.

Congratulations to welshwuff who can now look like a true Mario fan in the public eye. Runners up MechaG2 and simon1966 SuperShyGuy62 winning discount vouchers to spend at online gamer/geek fashion retailer SplitReason.

Update: The results were redrawn from the remaining winning entries as previous winner simon1966 declined his prize. Congratulations now to SuperShyGuy62 who receives a SplitReason discount voucher.

Be sure to stick with Cubed3 for the chance to bag more gaming swag!:embarassed::embarassed:

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Smilie Awesomeness! I shall wear it with pride :3 Haters gonna hate.

( Edited 25.04.2010 23:11 by welshwuff )

welshwuff said:
Smilie Awesomeness! I shall wear it with pride :3 Haters gonna hate.

Awesome man! Hope you enjoy it!! I ordered off them a few weeks back, still waiting for the shirts Smilie Why does Canadian post take like 4 weeks to get here? Smilie Can't wait for 'em though Smilie

w00t! Congratulations, welshwuff! Smilie

I'm stoked I'm getting a discount voucher. I'm gonna' get me one of those gorgeous shirts, too. Smilie *does the "Mario"*

Chance favors the prepared mind.

So, someone actually declined a prize? Any particular reazon why?

He declined his prize? Whoa, nice.

Congratulations to those who won Smilie

BTW it's missing an outfit :B but rather than just say i'll let you all try figure out which, only clue i'll give is it's a NES/GB game.

Congratulations to everyone that won. Hope you enjoy your prizes. Smilie

wow thats cool. thanks everyone

Mario, Mega Man and Rayman FTW!!!

Why so embarrassed?

It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

I'm still waiting on this, i havn't had any comfirmation emails, did my info go though ok? is it on its way?

all sorted now, on its way :3

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