Square Enix Goes Extreme for Western Games

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.04.2010 5

Square Enix Goes Extreme for Western Games on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Games coming into Japan have generally been a bit hit-and-miss. Square Enix hopes to change that with a dollop of extreme.

In order to make games stand out just a little bit more over there, the publisher has formed a new label dubbed "Extreme Edges" - for the likes of Call of Duty and Just Cause 2 to make their mark in Japan.

According to Andriasang the name is meant to highlight games that are "high quality and at the extreme technological edge", also those that would usually carry high, more adult, content ratings. Square Enix want to also test releasing DLC under the label, with Modern Warfare 2 content branded under Extreme Edges as well.

If a success it's hoped that future games can be released simultaneously in Japan.

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Jim (guest) 28.04.2010#1


no thanks I dont know who Square Enix is now days Smilie I miss the SquareSoft days

( Edited 28.04.2010 18:02 by Jump_button )

Should have been named Xtreme Xdge in a very sharp and metallic font.

Did I mention they've also got this?

It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

Gaba (guest) 04.05.2010#5

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Exist?

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