Red Steel 3 Vitality Sensor a Joke

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.04.2010 5

Red Steel 3 Vitality Sensor a Joke on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Update: According to Ubisoft's Jason VandenBerghe the use of the Vitality Sensor in a possible Red Steel 2 is a joke - however he hasn't declined the possibility of a new game in the works.

hahaha hi guys :) I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations. however, the vitality sensor thing was, indeed, a joke

Original Story:

A snippet from the Nintendo Magazine in France suggests that, despite slow sales, Red Steel will be a triology and use the vitality sensor.

The second game has barely made its mark at retail, but developer Ubisoft seem ready to leap further by working on Red Steel 3. It hasn't been officially mentioned yet, but coming from the French magazine itself does practically confirm its existence.

According to VG247 the detail reads:

Filed under “Hot News” this confirmation comes with an important detail: the game is compatible with the Wii Vitality Sensor as told in an interview Jason Vandenberghe, Art Director of Red Steel 2 at Ubisoft Montreal.

What do you think about news of a sequel - do you think that using the vitality sensor can work in an FPS?

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Red Steel 2 is a very, very good game. Great gameplay and strong art style, the game is a piece of brilliance. And am I the only outspoken fan of the 'true' fps experience?

A third seems like easy money - the hard work has been done, more can be on the way. I hope it won't slack it though, and really up the pace from the first one.

doctoreggman294 (guest) 29.04.2010#2

I totally agree with you, Red steel 2 is a great game it is one of my favourites. I am overjoyed to hear that they are making a sequel. I hope this time there will be a multiplayer this time round either splitscreen or online.

Haven't bought Red Steel 2 yet since I have a huge backlog of games to finish and right now all money is going into remodeling the house but I'll definitely get it between october-december 2010.

If Red Steel 2 came out with MotionPlus's launch I feel like it would have done much better. Plus they need to advertise and promote the game.

"Do a Barrel Roll!"
Anon (guest) 30.04.2010#5

Vitality Sensor is bullshit. Make a Red Steel 2 sequel with WiiMotionPlus yet again. It was a great game, let's make a good sequel.

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